Happy New Year

A little Gift to Start the Year

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed incredible holidays. I wanted to share everything I know about entrepreneurship on a long form page that I can update regularly. It's very long but you can search it (ctrl-f is your friend ;), and I also hope you enjoy the pictures from the TF archives.

You will find the following subjects on https://daedalium.com/wisdom/:

Part I: Get the right mentality —Am I an entrepreneur? A company executive? Or a manager? - What qualities does an entrepreneur need to have? - Do you want to be a billionaire? - Learn to be an entrepreneur - The CEO - Not ready for a startup yet? Build a muse.

Part II: No Permission Needed — The responsibilities and freedoms of an entrepreneur - Ideas aren’t the problem or the solution - Got cofounders? Yes or no, it’s the team that wins - Learn to earn (more money) - The mentality for finding growth.

Bonus: The COVID-19 Section- Surviving a crisis- Restructuring your business- Marketing in a time of crisis- Managing your team in a crisis.

Happy New Year,


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